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A wedding is an occasion of immense spiritual significance, and from antiquity classical music has accompanied the service because its aesthetic refinement symbolizes the purity of sensibility and emotion involved.

The Bridgewater String Quartet specializes in wedding ceremonies and receptions. Our wide experience furnishes us with not only performance skills but also discretionary qualities of coordination, timing and subtlety. These are especially vital within the delicate dynamic of a service. Take a look at our Wedding Planner section for hints and advice.

A Protestant (or denomination thereof) or Civil service usually equates to a booking of one hour and presents four musical opportunities; Pre-service Music (Guests arrive), Bridal Entry, Signing of the register and Bride & Groom exit.

A Catholic service contains additional musical opportunities during the Offertory and Communion. In the String Quartets experience, other interludes such as the Lighting of the Candles or the Presentation of the Gifts do not last long enough to warrant musical accompaniment.

It is also effective to have a short period of silence prior to the Entry of the Bride & Groom to build anticipation. Sometimes separate music for the Bridesmaids and Bride is desired. In this case the Bridesmaid's music should be of an emotional tone below the Bride's and a short silence between the two is necessary.

The duration of each piece is not a concern when planning your service. Most string quartet pieces are from three to five minutes long and thus fit well within each section. Otherwise most classical music contains repeats or recurring phrases which sound excellent if attenuated at a cadence point. For example Pachelbel's Canon is based on a cyclical baseline which means we can always time the Bridal Entry to perfection! There is no input needed from you on the day. We take our cues directly or by liaising with the Priest or Celebrant prior to the ceremony.

We can provide string quartet music for all aspects of your wedding day from your ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast to your after dinner entertainment. In a typical ceremony, the string quartet would play for :

Pre-service Music Beautiful background music while the guests are arriving
The Bridal Entry
Signing of Register Music played during the signing of the register and accompanying photos
Bride & Groom Exit

If you are having trouble deciding on your wedding music, the Bridgewater String Quartet is happy to make recommendations.

The best thing about having live music at your wedding is their ability to adjust the length of music to fit in with what is happening. This is particularly helpful for the bridal entry.

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